January 4th – Todays Movie Marathon. 


I don’t know about you all but I have been sickly, cold and staying indoors lately. We recently have had the coldest cold front we have had in a long time and this little lady just isn’t for it. My immune system is doing its best thankfully because I have to avoid any and all infections due to how my bladder flares after antibiotics. 

So I have been filling my down time with movies other than reading and yes I will be sharing my view on “Fight less, Love more” when I am finished with it. 

Last nights movie was “Stepmom” starring Julia Roberts and Susan Surandon, one of my favorite movies from my younger years. This movie is a perfect movies for a cold winter day. I have been off of my Anti-depressant medication since the 29th and I am a big ball of Emotion!!!!! 

As a child I did not know what Cancer even was or as an adult I really do cry my eyes out. Is it just me or is Cancer way more common these days than in the 90s? I think so. 

Another favorite is “Crazy, Stupid, Love”.  The cast of this movie is just amazing and every little twist and turn is hilarious and heartfelt. Movies like this shows me that you don’t have to have a picture perfect life to have it all. Sometimes things fall apart, sometimes life gets crazy but it is how you deal with it, that’s what matters. 

Let me just say that Shailene Woodley has always been a favorite actress and when she stars in a movie, I know I am going to be in love. Her corcky and raw personality along with Ansel Elgort just went together perfectly! I have watched this movie a Hundred Million times and I will never get over the heartache. 

So, Tomorrow I will be uploading a new Vlog on my YouTube channel Subscribe here! I will be loading weekly Vlogs ever Friday for the whole Year of 2018!!!!! Oh snap! It’s about to get real guys! 

Let me know some of your favorite Movies to keep me company while I am in bed a lot. I love watching and reading new books and opening my mind to creative worlds. 

Until tomorrow. Xoxo 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

January 1st – Starting a new  journey. 

Monday-1/01/2018 #storyofmylife

I would have to say one of the biggest obstacles I have struggled with has always been my eating problems and stress/anxiety disorder. I used to not care about myself or even thought that I was worth anything because I didn’t see it. I used to be in a vey dark and scary place but I am so happy to say that this New Year has began as Kasey being the Healthiest and happiest EVER! I reached a goal that has always been impossible. I could never maintain my weight (ever) and I had a hard time keeping my weight above 85lb. I am so  thankful to say that the first day of a New Year begins with my highest weight ever and I am no longer struggling! 

I see myself where I am today and all the hell I went through to be where I am today and I can smile. I know that every struggle and all of those mountains I had to climb was to reach the top and to keep going! I have grown as a Wife, Mother, and basic human being. I have a Husband who loves me, children who adore me and inner strength I never knew I had. 

Early 2017. 

Ending 2017. 

Sometime I find it crazy that the one thing that made me realize my strength is the one thing I thought would drag me down. After my diagnosis with Interstitial Cystitis it was like something clicked in my head and I realized that even though I have this life altering chronic syndrome, I am alive and ready to live. 

I will take this year, the last year of my 20s and I will be so much more than I ever believed I could. I know the whole “New Year, New Me” is a clique but really my goal this year is to “Heal” from the inside out. I will no longer run from my fears but rather take them head on. I will begin working on my Health and fitness like I never have and I am stoked to bring you all along on my journey! Follow my  Instagram for a full look into my life.  I can only imagine where I will be in a single year but wherever I go, I am taking you all with me. I will open up and share the good and the bad. I will share my whole experience of 2018 with all of my viewers and I hope you all will stick along for the ride. Cheers to New Years, let’s make the best of 2018! 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

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New Years is coming! Recap of my 2017 & my 2018 Goals revealed. 

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Hello everyone and how excited are we to be at the brink of a new year!!!! I know I have some pretty good and realistic goals for 2018. I will take my goals step by step bug I am more than excited to push myself and reach every goal! 

A quick recap of my 2017 

I took time off of working (cashiering) to focus on myself, my health and my little family and it was the best decision I could have made. Due to endless doctor visits, ER stays and misdiagnosis I finally got my answer, I have a bladder syndrome called Interstitial Cystitis. Since then  I have been able to rest on my worst days, cook dinner, and spent time with everyone that I love the most. I will always be forever thankful for my husband for helping me get to where I am today. 

I decided to begin blogging and it quickly led me to a passion and dream I didn’t even know I had! Now, I am officially a new Photographer and I am so blessed to see everyone who likes my photos and is cheering me on! Everything fell into place so quickly and I am just so excited to keep going forward. 

I went on a beautiful Family Vacation to Red River, New Mexico where we learned how to ski and spend our first day in a real “snowy day” magical wonderland! View my previous posts to view my take on our Vacation. 

I found who I am as a individual and I am learning to love myself. I spent my whole life in a horrible place mentally and I am so happy that I made the choices that I did to get me to where I am today. I am currently at the healthiest place I have ever been and I am so thrilled to be at the highest weight (nonprengnancy) and I have a clear, cheerful mind! 

  1. Focus on my Physical and mental health and achieve goals that used to be impossible.
  2. Hobbies- crafting, creative things, drawing etc. 
  3. Be myself 100% and not care what others think 
  4. Read read read 
  5. Practice with makeup 3 times a week 
  6. Up my Instagram content. 
  7. Let go of the past and all the painful memories 
  8. Love more. 
  9. Be a better wife/ mother. 
  10. Let go of negative people and hold on to those who support me. 

I am so excited for  a New Year and all of the possibilities that we have in front of us all. I hope everyone is looking forward to goals no matter how big or small! I would love to chat with you all and hear what you have as goals as well! I will be back very soon! 

New Photography, vlogs and blogs coming very soon. I can not wait to show you all what I have planned for 2018! Cheers 

– Kasey Gruenewald 



August goals 2017

Kasey Gruenewald blog 8/2/2017

jhghHello again, my name is Kasey  if you are new to my page and today I just wanted to share some goals I have set for the month of August 2017! I have been blogging for a few months and I think I have had some not so good content on my page and my post have been very spread apart as well so thank you to everyone who has stuck around kept following my page!

I have been doing so much brainstorming and researching on blogging, instagraming, photography and well just self help and body wellness so I am going to take this head on this month and we will see how this goes. I have been having my own personal issues lately and that is the major reason I have not been writing good content if writing at all! Recently I made the decision to go to my doctor and talk about my options and I think we came up with a good solution so with months of monitoring I really feel that things will be getting better in time.

Goal 1. Is to focus on my health and keep up with my medications, eating and gaining weight as my BMI is terrible right now so I am making that my number one priority along with finding a simple but affective workout plan! Yoga is of course my number one option so I will do that once in the morning and once before bed.

With school starting in a few weeks I am going to getting back to a good sleep schedule because believe it or not that plays such a huge role in your health! I will be trying to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep daily, 4 meals a day and protein and ensure to help me gain and maintain my weight.

Goal 2. Clean eating and trying to eat and drink what is best for my body! I am so hopeful that finding a good diet plan for my whole family will improve our health and boost our energy because we all know how hectic the school year can be!

Goal 4. Taking my Photography to the next level and really doing everything I can to provide my customers with the best quality photos I can deliver. I am going to be working on backdrop and photo prop DIY projects and yes I am very excited about that because I love being artsy and crafty!

Goal 5. Improving and being very consistent on my social media posting. I have been reading up a lot of how to Instagram like a pro but the thing is I am not wanting to just be out adding everyone in the world, I want my followers to be people who really do love what I have to post so yes I am sticking with the old fashion way. I will be improving my photo quality and captions along with my hashtags and becoming way more active in my followers posts and really building relationships with them!

Goal 6. Reading. writing. and keeping up with all of my WordPress followers because yes I know I have been a horrible blogger! I will not make any excuse for it because well… there isn’t any but that ends today! I will be staying very active on WordPress and keeping up with all of the amazing bloggers on this website!

Goal 7. Improving and sticking with my YouTube channel! With anxiety, depression and well just not feeling myself I am beginning to feel back to myself and I have so many ideas for videos on my youtube channel. Be sure you give my channel a view and subscribe if you would like.

With all of that being said those are some super amazing goals I have set for myself and I am feeling very positive about them all! I am thankful for everyone who has supported me along my journey as it has been a very rocky road!

Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have any suggestions on  what you would like to see on my blog and do not forget to hit that follow button! Also be sure and follow my social media links below so we can really get to know one another!

Cheers to new beginnings!

– Kasey Gruenewald





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Week 2: Yoga Challenge! 

Alright everyone I am the most non- athletic, uncoordinated and awkward person I know so needless to say… this is going to be interesting and I hope I do not get an injury! lol

I have always wanted to try out yoga but I have successfully avoided it for about… 5 years so, the time has come and I will DO it!!!

I have 3 Yoga DVDs so later tonight I will choose the one I would like to try and starting tomorrow morning I will do yoga in the morning and then again in the evenings for a full 7 days and then I will let you all know how it goes!

I also will try and get friends and family to join in on the fun!

I am so excited to start Week 2, of my 10 Week ” Try something New” Challenge!

✌🏼 – Kasey Gruenewald