January 4th – Todays Movie Marathon. 


I don’t know about you all but I have been sickly, cold and staying indoors lately. We recently have had the coldest cold front we have had in a long time and this little lady just isn’t for it. My immune system is doing its best thankfully because I have to avoid any and all infections due to how my bladder flares after antibiotics. 

So I have been filling my down time with movies other than reading and yes I will be sharing my view on “Fight less, Love more” when I am finished with it. 

Last nights movie was “Stepmom” starring Julia Roberts and Susan Surandon, one of my favorite movies from my younger years. This movie is a perfect movies for a cold winter day. I have been off of my Anti-depressant medication since the 29th and I am a big ball of Emotion!!!!! 

As a child I did not know what Cancer even was or as an adult I really do cry my eyes out. Is it just me or is Cancer way more common these days than in the 90s? I think so. 

Another favorite is “Crazy, Stupid, Love”.  The cast of this movie is just amazing and every little twist and turn is hilarious and heartfelt. Movies like this shows me that you don’t have to have a picture perfect life to have it all. Sometimes things fall apart, sometimes life gets crazy but it is how you deal with it, that’s what matters. 

Let me just say that Shailene Woodley has always been a favorite actress and when she stars in a movie, I know I am going to be in love. Her corcky and raw personality along with Ansel Elgort just went together perfectly! I have watched this movie a Hundred Million times and I will never get over the heartache. 

So, Tomorrow I will be uploading a new Vlog on my YouTube channel Subscribe here! I will be loading weekly Vlogs ever Friday for the whole Year of 2018!!!!! Oh snap! It’s about to get real guys! 

Let me know some of your favorite Movies to keep me company while I am in bed a lot. I love watching and reading new books and opening my mind to creative worlds. 

Until tomorrow. Xoxo 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

January 3rd, Putting away my Christmas decor and  Organizing my house.  


So even though I did NOT want to, I forced myself out of bed and organized all of my clothes… this literally took me like 4 hours to complete! 

There is a few things you guys should know about me right now

1. I hate laundry 

Laundry is the most annoying chore in my household mostly because we have a 9 y/o daughter who changes her clothes a million times a day. I have to wash clothes at least once a day to keep up with it and well, I’m lazy and 90% of the time I am not feeling good (thanks to Interstitial Cystitis) and well shit gets piled up. 

2. I can sleep my life away

When it comes to sleep I typically need like 18 hours of sleep daily. I have always been this way and I have always needed naps. Like I am not even joking. When I was in school (elementary- High school) as soon as I got home I would eat and then take a 2 hour nap. As an adult things didn’t change but whatever. Lol 

3. I love to cook but hate cleaning. 

I could spend all hours of my day in the kitchen putting together homemade meals and snacks for my family but when it comes to cleaning it up I’m like nah! I can not be the only one, right? 

So with this whole cleaning and organizing for me, I think it stinks but it is much needed in my house. We get so busy/lazy that shit just gets crammed everywhere… literally. So I am taking it day by day, room by room and completely organizing and cleaning my whole house. I think I have about a million bags worth of crap to throw out already and all I did was put away our Christmas decor and organizing our master bedroom closet. 

I guess we will see what I get myself into tomorrow in my house cleaning nightmare. 

Oh, Hello to my new followers I am so thrilled to see new faces! This blog keeps me going and each and every one of my viewers makes me so happy!!!!

Well guys the NyQuil is kicking in so I better stop typing. Haha 

Goodnight everyone, 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

New Years is coming! Recap of my 2017 & my 2018 Goals revealed. 

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Hello everyone and how excited are we to be at the brink of a new year!!!! I know I have some pretty good and realistic goals for 2018. I will take my goals step by step bug I am more than excited to push myself and reach every goal! 

A quick recap of my 2017 

I took time off of working (cashiering) to focus on myself, my health and my little family and it was the best decision I could have made. Due to endless doctor visits, ER stays and misdiagnosis I finally got my answer, I have a bladder syndrome called Interstitial Cystitis. Since then  I have been able to rest on my worst days, cook dinner, and spent time with everyone that I love the most. I will always be forever thankful for my husband for helping me get to where I am today. 

I decided to begin blogging and it quickly led me to a passion and dream I didn’t even know I had! Now, I am officially a new Photographer and I am so blessed to see everyone who likes my photos and is cheering me on! Everything fell into place so quickly and I am just so excited to keep going forward. 

I went on a beautiful Family Vacation to Red River, New Mexico where we learned how to ski and spend our first day in a real “snowy day” magical wonderland! View my previous posts to view my take on our Vacation. 

I found who I am as a individual and I am learning to love myself. I spent my whole life in a horrible place mentally and I am so happy that I made the choices that I did to get me to where I am today. I am currently at the healthiest place I have ever been and I am so thrilled to be at the highest weight (nonprengnancy) and I have a clear, cheerful mind! 

  1. Focus on my Physical and mental health and achieve goals that used to be impossible.
  2. Hobbies- crafting, creative things, drawing etc. 
  3. Be myself 100% and not care what others think 
  4. Read read read 
  5. Practice with makeup 3 times a week 
  6. Up my Instagram content. 
  7. Let go of the past and all the painful memories 
  8. Love more. 
  9. Be a better wife/ mother. 
  10. Let go of negative people and hold on to those who support me. 

I am so excited for  a New Year and all of the possibilities that we have in front of us all. I hope everyone is looking forward to goals no matter how big or small! I would love to chat with you all and hear what you have as goals as well! I will be back very soon! 

New Photography, vlogs and blogs coming very soon. I can not wait to show you all what I have planned for 2018! Cheers 

– Kasey Gruenewald 



Gift wrapping sick as… well… you know! 

Hey everyone, is it just me or is Christmas sneaking up way too fast! My husband and I bit the bullet yesterday and went Christmas shopping so that leaves me with 24 hours to wrap them all while I have the time! 

Tomorrow the kids get out of school early and I have sessions booked all weekend so lets see if I survive! I woke up yesterday feeling horrible and it isn’t over yet, it is just getting started unfortunately. 

Anywho, I have always just rushed wrapping gifts and they would come out horrible. This year I wanted my personality to show through my gift wrapping so I went simple, indie/ Boho and adorable! 

A few cute name tags, ribbon and simple wrapping paper later this is how they turned out! I don’t know about you but I LOVE it!!!!! Although we didn’t go “all out” like we usually do for our children due to an amazing and much needed vacation, I think they will still be so happy! 

The only thing that kind of ruined my wrapping was the scotch tape…. I didn’t get the clear kind ( ugh I know) but all in all I think they are so cute! I can not wait to finish wrapping gifts and for it to be Christmas! 

New Photography will be up in a few days and I am so excited to have so many bookings. I feel like this is the best place I have been in my life and I am not afraid to be who I am and let my personality shine through everything I do. 

Comments are more than welcome and please give this a like if you enjoyed it! I am cleaning then back to bed for this sick momma! If you haven’t already, be sure to follow my Instagram and be sure to send me a message and tell me you are from WordPress so we can connect and get to know one another. 

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you follow my blog. 

-Kasey Gruenewald 

Ready or not, Christmas is almost here! 

-Hey peeps-

I am freaking out that it is so close to Christmas and we have not purchased any gifts yet! Yes I know, what in the world? December is going by so fast and I will be stress eating until our shopping is done! 

This year I want to change up our gift giving and make things more…. realistic! I think children have gotten so spoiled without knowing the value of the money they are expecting us to spend! I mean, if you are financially in the position to do so, heck yeah! But I think it is time to bring my children back to reality and for them to realize that they have an amazing life! 

As a child, yes the presents were lame when we were ALWAYS thankful for what we got. We didn’t grow up having everything we wanted and that is okay! It is time that I bring my children back down to earth and help show them that they have a great life and they do not NEED the lavish and expensive gifts on their list…. 

Help a momma out on thoughtful gift giving ideas other than Pinterest! I am wanting to give them gifts that they will cherish rather than lose interest in them. I am asking for suggestions and ideas to BLOW up my comment section!!!! 

Please, I really do love being creative and I am up to any suggestions and ideas. So let’s get the fun started! 

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I’ll be back soon! 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

Christmas Decor/ Home Improvement  

Hey guys, I just wanted to stop in and show you just a few things that we have been up to in the Gruenewald home! 

Oh, Thanksgiving did not go as planned and I was bummed because I wasn’t feeling too good and my sister cooked our whole meal!!! The meal was amazing of course, but my stupid IC is flaring up again and causing me to be miserable! I do plan on trying a lot of new recipies and sharing with you all how to cook and if I like them or not, so look forward to that! 


We (myself) recently put up our Christmas tree and I purchased  some Christmas decor as well! I am always thrifting and I love buying vintage- ish things. When it comes to a Christmas tree I love red, white, and silver ornaments, feathers,red bows and of course my frosty on top! This year I had my husband father some pine cones from his mothers house (yay) and I decided to put them on the tree and they are precious. 

White lights are a MUST and lots of them too! I decided to hang the stockings on our mantel this year instead of the wall and change the location of where we usually have our tree. 

I purchased a pre-lit faux garland for the mantle and hang a few ornaments too! This idea worked out so perfectly and looks adorable!! 

So a few days after setting up our tree we decided that we were tired of see those ugly wires everywhere along our brick wall. It took a little bit of pinteresting and BOOM just like that, my husband was Mr. Fixit! He went and got two black shelves from wal-mart and oh my goodness the difference it made is crazy!!! 

My husband, son, directions and a few tools later…..

  We went from this…( yes the mirror is broken)

To this 

It is crazy how just a little improvement can change the whole appearance of our living room! Now there are NO visible wires and we are all decorated for Christmas!! Now I am just waiting for some cold weather (we live in Texas) so we can light a fire and just cuddle and watch Christmas movies! 

I am beyond thankful for how hard my husband works and is willing to go above and beyond to help up our value on our little fixer upper! 

I will be back tomorrow in detail of all of my Christmas decor! I am a little sick right now and the sleepy meds are kicking in! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope this is a quick inspiration to those who have the same issue and not wanting to spend a fortune! 

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– Kasey Gruenewald 

Dollar General Thanksgiving Table decor. 

Hello everyone, today is payday and since I am hosting Thanksgiving this weekend I figured why not have a festive table! I have been stressing myself out on all of the awesome fall decor I have on my Pinterest but let’s face it, I do not have the time for all that! I knew that I just needed something very simple and inexpensive (due to children) decor for our kitchen table. 

Well Dollar General was a WIN today let me show you my cute/cheap Table decor. 

Although I already had the flowers I purchased all other details from our local Dollar General store. I think this turned out so cute and festive for our family Thanksgiving gathering this weekend. Below I will list all of the prices of everything I purchased today! 

As I was aimlessly walking around the store (like always) I stumbled apon the very little selection of fall decor they still had left! I quickly started grabbing and knew exactly what I was going to do! 

I had previously purchased the Flowers and leaves (inside centerpiece) at Walmart for $.67 and I will list below my new purchases and prices. 

  • Vinyl tablecloth $4.50
  • 2 clear vase $3.00 each 
  • Artificial mini leaves $.50 
  • Words vase $2.50 
  • 2 Lg Gourds 1.50 each 

So let’s just sum this up as a less than $20 fall table decoration haul! 

So, I hope you enjoyed this simple and cheap decor I stumbled upon today! I am so pleased with this simple and adorable table decoration! Let me know in the comments if you have any thrifty decor ideas for Christmas! I know I know, it is not even Thanksgiving yet but I just can not wait to decorate!!! Christmas is the most festive holiday and this year I wanna go BIG decoration wise. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, hit that follow button if you would like to keep up with my very random blog. 

– Kasey Gruenewald