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Hey babes, it has been a while since I have posted a review and I am in LOVE with a few of my Skin/ Hair products lately! 

Dove Winter Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. 

A while ago I was roaming the Shampoo isle at wal-mart as per usual and I came across the new Dove Winter Therapy set. I have always loved how gentle and amazing dove has always worked on my skin so I figured “why not” without knowing this would soon become my favorite Shampoo and Conditioner EVER! You guys!!!!!!! This leaves my hair so soft, shiny and manageable that I have not even been using any heat what-so-ever on my hair! The scent is very light and fresh, you just have to try it! 

Dove Winter Care bodywash. 

Since my last shopping haul I knew that I needed to try the Winter Care for skin as well and I am just as pleased. This bodywash leaves my skin so soft and moisturized with no ash at all. Seriously, a must have if you are like me and have dry winter skin. 

 Garnier Skin Active [new] 

I recieved this Garnier Skin Active complimentary in my Voxbox I got a few months ago from Influenster. I got this face wash in OCTOBER and look at how much is still left and I use this twice daily! I have a hard time when it comes to my face because I have very very dry skin and most face wash causes breakouts but I am happy to say my skin looks so good that I do not even use foundation anymore! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and I look forward to writing many more in the near future. Be sure to check out my previous posts and hit the follow button! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

                       The Indie Chic Blog 

                     – Kasey Gruenewald 

January 1st – Starting a new  journey. 

Monday-1/01/2018 #storyofmylife

I would have to say one of the biggest obstacles I have struggled with has always been my eating problems and stress/anxiety disorder. I used to not care about myself or even thought that I was worth anything because I didn’t see it. I used to be in a vey dark and scary place but I am so happy to say that this New Year has began as Kasey being the Healthiest and happiest EVER! I reached a goal that has always been impossible. I could never maintain my weight (ever) and I had a hard time keeping my weight above 85lb. I am so  thankful to say that the first day of a New Year begins with my highest weight ever and I am no longer struggling! 

I see myself where I am today and all the hell I went through to be where I am today and I can smile. I know that every struggle and all of those mountains I had to climb was to reach the top and to keep going! I have grown as a Wife, Mother, and basic human being. I have a Husband who loves me, children who adore me and inner strength I never knew I had. 

Early 2017. 

Ending 2017. 

Sometime I find it crazy that the one thing that made me realize my strength is the one thing I thought would drag me down. After my diagnosis with Interstitial Cystitis it was like something clicked in my head and I realized that even though I have this life altering chronic syndrome, I am alive and ready to live. 

I will take this year, the last year of my 20s and I will be so much more than I ever believed I could. I know the whole “New Year, New Me” is a clique but really my goal this year is to “Heal” from the inside out. I will no longer run from my fears but rather take them head on. I will begin working on my Health and fitness like I never have and I am stoked to bring you all along on my journey! Follow my  Instagram for a full look into my life.  I can only imagine where I will be in a single year but wherever I go, I am taking you all with me. I will open up and share the good and the bad. I will share my whole experience of 2018 with all of my viewers and I hope you all will stick along for the ride. Cheers to New Years, let’s make the best of 2018! 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

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Our first Time in the Snow! 

As you guys have gathered, we just had a week vacation in New Mexico and it was amazing! I feel so amazing as a parent being able to make such timeless memories with my family! Everything about Red River, New Mexico is beautiful! I have never seen such a fascinating and enchanting place in my life! 

I mean, it does not get anymore beautiful than this right? I wish that we could sell our house and pack up and leave like yesterday! Lol 

The towns are little villages where everyone is so sweet and friendly and there is no stop lights! We couldn’t believe it! Everyone stops for the Mule Deere that walk freely among the town. You can stop and feed the deer and ducks with no fear and everyone just smiles and waves! Ugh, I would love to go back every year because I just felt so at home there. 

We made some beautiful memories that’s for sure and it we were even blessed with snow while we were skiing! Talk about enchanting, our children have never been so happy ever! 

I could have never show my husband and In Laws  how thankful I am for working so hard for us to able to go one such an amazing vacation! 

It meant the world to be able to try something new, travel and spend some much needed time with the ones I love the most. I will be back tomorrow with more photos and details on our amazing trip! I hope enjoyed this post and I hope to see more followers!  

Thank you all so much for the uopouring support, I love you all, so much. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram xxkaseygruenewaldxx

– Kasey Gruenewald 

My magical Woods Vacation! 

Hey everyone! This is our last day here in New Mexico and I am just so sad to have to go back home. We have a camp and travel trailer at the Red River RV Park and there are so many beautiful ducks that come along for a visit a few times a day. Right behind our trailer is a little stream with clear water (melted snow) running past the sound of the water is so soothing to my soul. 

The ride from Brady, Texas to New Mexico was rough ride with two children. We made it to Red River, New Mexico in two days. We had a late start leaving Texas Central Texas at about 8:00 pm with a pit stop for sleep in Amarillo and then back on the road straight here. 

The scenery was sooo beautiful, I feel like I am home. I would love nothing more than to live in such a beautiful and simple place. The towns are more like Villages and are so original and stunning! 

After regaining our strength overnight we hit the  Ski and summer area and let me tell you, we have had so much fun! 

I will have a new blog coming very soon as for right now am not near very good wifi (in the mountains) but it will be up early next week! I can NOT wait to share the photos I have taken while I have been here and I am greatful to have been able to come on this vacation! 

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Talk to you guys real soon and feel free to share your vacation stories with me, I would to get to know my followers. Have a wonderful weekend. 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

Help! I am Packing for Vacation and I have no clue what I am doing! 

Hey guys! I leave in 4 days to Red River, New Mexico and I am so lost on what to pack!!!! I have never been in the snow nor the mountains so I am asking for any tips from my followers and viewers!!! 

I am from central Texas so we see snow maybe once every 3 years…. and most of the time the whole town is just frozen in a layer of ice and we all know that is NO fun! I know that I have followers from all over the globe so please help me because this southern girl has no idea what to expect! 

My amazing husband and in-laws have been getting snow gear but other than snow gear I have no idea what to take. I am tiny (4’9 100lbs) and I am always cold…. the last thing that I want is to be a party pooper so any and I mean ANY tips is very much needed!

Okay when I say I will be freezing cold I am not exaggerating but I would also like to be cute and stylish because I will be sharing my OOTD with you all including all the details. So, if you have not hit that follow button do that now! 

Leave some comments below!!! Let’s chat and get to know one another! I will be back real soon! Love you guys! 

-Kasey Gruenewald 

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Thrift Store Haul! 

Kasey Gruenewald 8/21/2017 

Hello Loves!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent the last few days just a MESS. I ended up with a bad eye infection that really blurred my vision. I wanted to read, blog and post on social media but it caused my eyes hurt worse! It was a nightmare! 

Also I have been getting my school shopping, organizing and donating done as well! I swear my children have SO many clothes still brand new with tags from last years shopping! Lol

So while I had a moment to myself I decided to go to ours local Goodwill to see what they had! On Sundays all clothing is half off and I am a clothing hoarder so yeah… that is my favorite day to go! 

These boots are in Perfect condition and I got them for only $5.99!!!! The brand is White House Black Market and although I could not find the exact pair I am sure they run around $200. 

I LOVE these dress shoes! I call them my witch shoes! I could not find this brand online but they are Predictions brand and I paid $3.99. Again these are in perfect condition and they can go with SO many clothing options! 

This adorable crop top is American Dream brand! I am pretty sure I got this for $1.00! I highly suggest you click that link because they have adorable clothing for extremely affordable prices! 

My favorite item of clothing ever is this Paper Crane brand crop top!  I got this top for $1.00!! Perfect condition and absolutely adorable! 

Another amazing brand Papaya Clothing and OMG I can’t not wait to wear this cute top! I already have a few OOTD in mind so be sure and follow my blog, Instagram, and Twitter! Oh, I am now Vlogging!!! Be sure to click this YouTube link and watch my videos! I really enjoy vlogging and would love to have you subscribe to my channel! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I love thrifting and saving money! All of these photos were taken with my Nikon Photography camera so let me know what you think! 

As always thank you so much for stopping by my page and I hope to see you like and follow my blog! 

Goodnight world. 

-Kasey Gruenewald 

My Lipstick Favorites!

Kasey Gruenewald 8/7/2017

Happy Monday!

So I was sitting at my kitchen table staring at my Makeup box and decided why not write a “Lipstick Favorites” because I really enjoyed My previous blog from the other day! Not only is it so much sharing my favorite beauty products but to take the photos as well!

As you may have noticed I have been working harder on my Blog content and Photos! Being a Photographer I knew I needed to step up my game so PLEASE let me know what you think down in the comment section! I am going to link where you can buy these Lipsticks under each Picture and tell you a little about why I love them!

Shop NYX Cosmetics here

I received this lipstick in one of my Ipsy bags and although this isn’t my go to red lip I still love the color! This creamy and beautifully pigmented lipstick is very easy to clean up! I have a few NYX Cosmetics products that are very high on my personal favorites!

Shop WetNWild here

WetNWild is becoming my favorite makeup brand! The liquid Catsuit is Stunning and it will last all day without drying out your lips but of course you always want to keep chapstick handy! WetNWild is cruelty free and very affordable so go stop up on that makeup ladies!!!!!

Shop Mellow Cosmetics here

Mellow, now I have to be honest and tell you that I do not know much on this brand and again I received this in a monthly subscription. I am not sure on pricing but if you are interested in this brand click the link under the Photo! the color is very cute and flirty and well just makes me feel sweet and innocent!

Shop TooFaced here 
TooFaced is such an amazing brand! I love the packaging of this lipstick and the color is so soft and creamy! This is a must have for simple “No Makeup” days! I wish I had more Nude shades because they are just so cute and flirty!


Well there you have it! I am excited to keep exploring Cosmetic companies so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below! 

I am so thankful to see a lot of new People following my Blog!!!! Omg, this is so exciting!!! You all inspire me and motivated me too reading/writing and following my dreams! All of my social media is linked below so be sure to follow me and let me know you are a wordpress user! 

Goodnight to all! 

– Kasey Gruenewald