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A Lisztomania- A need to listen to music all the time. 

No matter what I am doing I always have to have music playing like, always! When I am driving, cooking, cleaning, showering and even sometimes sleeping I have my pandora on but I do like to mix it up on my playlists. 

I listen to anything from Country, Indie artist, 90s alternative, Emo screamo, Rock so ya I listen to it all. 

Some of my favorite playlists are: 

Blue October, Cold, Indie Singer Songwriter, 90s alternative, Bonethugs n harmony, Lana Del Ray, Lady Gaga and so on. 

I literally could not function or stay on task without the Music Industry and the amazing artists who put their heart and soul into their songs as create beautiful lyrics. 

What are some of your favorite Music Artist and why? I would love to discover new songs! Let me know in the comment section! 

Oh and do you like my New blog name? I think it is suitable and cute! Thanks for reading please do not forget to follow my blog & you can find me on Instagram. 

The Indie Chic Blog – Kasey Gruenewald 

2 thoughts on “Lisztomania. 

  1. My all time favorite band is matchbox 20 or anything from Rob Thomas. And my second is The Fray. They literally speak to my soul. And I love your new blog name, suits you very well girl!

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    1. Thanks girl. I haven’t ever gotten into matchbox 20 or the fray so I look forward to coming across new songs to obsess over haha. The new name just came to me and I was like “yeah, that’s my final blog name” haha.


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