Help! I am Packing for Vacation and I have no clue what I am doing! 

Hey guys! I leave in 4 days to Red River, New Mexico and I am so lost on what to pack!!!! I have never been in the snow nor the mountains so I am asking for any tips from my followers and viewers!!! 

I am from central Texas so we see snow maybe once every 3 years…. and most of the time the whole town is just frozen in a layer of ice and we all know that is NO fun! I know that I have followers from all over the globe so please help me because this southern girl has no idea what to expect! 

My amazing husband and in-laws have been getting snow gear but other than snow gear I have no idea what to take. I am tiny (4’9 100lbs) and I am always cold…. the last thing that I want is to be a party pooper so any and I mean ANY tips is very much needed!

Okay when I say I will be freezing cold I am not exaggerating but I would also like to be cute and stylish because I will be sharing my OOTD with you all including all the details. So, if you have not hit that follow button do that now! 

Leave some comments below!!! Let’s chat and get to know one another! I will be back real soon! Love you guys! 

-Kasey Gruenewald 

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