Christmas Decor/ Home Improvement  

Hey guys, I just wanted to stop in and show you just a few things that we have been up to in the Gruenewald home! 

Oh, Thanksgiving did not go as planned and I was bummed because I wasn’t feeling too good and my sister cooked our whole meal!!! The meal was amazing of course, but my stupid IC is flaring up again and causing me to be miserable! I do plan on trying a lot of new recipies and sharing with you all how to cook and if I like them or not, so look forward to that! 


We (myself) recently put up our Christmas tree and I purchased  some Christmas decor as well! I am always thrifting and I love buying vintage- ish things. When it comes to a Christmas tree I love red, white, and silver ornaments, feathers,red bows and of course my frosty on top! This year I had my husband father some pine cones from his mothers house (yay) and I decided to put them on the tree and they are precious. 

White lights are a MUST and lots of them too! I decided to hang the stockings on our mantel this year instead of the wall and change the location of where we usually have our tree. 

I purchased a pre-lit faux garland for the mantle and hang a few ornaments too! This idea worked out so perfectly and looks adorable!! 

So a few days after setting up our tree we decided that we were tired of see those ugly wires everywhere along our brick wall. It took a little bit of pinteresting and BOOM just like that, my husband was Mr. Fixit! He went and got two black shelves from wal-mart and oh my goodness the difference it made is crazy!!! 

My husband, son, directions and a few tools later…..

  We went from this…( yes the mirror is broken)

To this 

It is crazy how just a little improvement can change the whole appearance of our living room! Now there are NO visible wires and we are all decorated for Christmas!! Now I am just waiting for some cold weather (we live in Texas) so we can light a fire and just cuddle and watch Christmas movies! 

I am beyond thankful for how hard my husband works and is willing to go above and beyond to help up our value on our little fixer upper! 

I will be back tomorrow in detail of all of my Christmas decor! I am a little sick right now and the sleepy meds are kicking in! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope this is a quick inspiration to those who have the same issue and not wanting to spend a fortune! 

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– Kasey Gruenewald