November is for celebrating! 

Welcome to my blog! I have been slacking on blogging, I know and I am so sorry! I am dedicating the next few month to you guys! I will be hosting my first ever Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend and I am kind of freaking out! 

I am looking forward to sharing the holidays, recipes and memories with you all! First off, thank you everyone to viewing my page and be sure to hit that follow button! Second of all be sure to follow me on Instagram because I am a Instagram addict! Lol 


Since stopping a medication and really focusing on myself, I am happy to say that I am feeling better than ever! I am eating and sleeping so well and being a way better wife and mother! Some days my bladder has to butt in but for the most part things are wonderful. 

This health journey has been insane and I am content with the way things are for now. I am at the highest weight I have ever been (not pregnant) and only 15 pounds from my delivery weight with both pregnancies! What?! I know right? 

I am beginning to see a big change in my body and I am SO happy! I swear every time I get on the scale I get even more excited!!! I have always dealt with eating disorders and extreme anxiety my whole life, and now I feel great and confident! I have never been comfortable in my own skin and well… just being Kasey! I am so hopeful that the future will just keep moving in my favor! 

Not only is this month my favorite because of Thanksgiving but it is my birth month! November 30th is my Birthday and I have already gotten spoiled! I recieved everything that I ask (my husband) for and boy am I thankful! 

Morphe- 3502 Second Nature palette 

Tarte shape tape concealer 

Along with a few other things! But these two are my fav 💞 I am one lucky gal! 29 just might be my years y’all! 

As I am putting together my grocery list for our thanksgiving meal I am just so happy to be able to spend this holiday with closest family members! Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and trying all new recipies is so exciting! I am very confident that this Thanksgiving will top them all! 

Yes, I will be sharing my recipies, our meal and my grocery shopping with you all. I will be back very soon with so much more! Thanks for stopping by! Do not forget to hit that follow button!! 

– Kasey Gruenewald