Dollar General Thanksgiving Table decor. 

Hello everyone, today is payday and since I am hosting Thanksgiving this weekend I figured why not have a festive table! I have been stressing myself out on all of the awesome fall decor I have on my Pinterest but let’s face it, I do not have the time for all that! I knew that I just needed something very simple and inexpensive (due to children) decor for our kitchen table. 

Well Dollar General was a WIN today let me show you my cute/cheap Table decor. 

Although I already had the flowers I purchased all other details from our local Dollar General store. I think this turned out so cute and festive for our family Thanksgiving gathering this weekend. Below I will list all of the prices of everything I purchased today! 

As I was aimlessly walking around the store (like always) I stumbled apon the very little selection of fall decor they still had left! I quickly started grabbing and knew exactly what I was going to do! 

I had previously purchased the Flowers and leaves (inside centerpiece) at Walmart for $.67 and I will list below my new purchases and prices. 

  • Vinyl tablecloth $4.50
  • 2 clear vase $3.00 each 
  • Artificial mini leaves $.50 
  • Words vase $2.50 
  • 2 Lg Gourds 1.50 each 

So let’s just sum this up as a less than $20 fall table decoration haul! 

So, I hope you enjoyed this simple and cheap decor I stumbled upon today! I am so pleased with this simple and adorable table decoration! Let me know in the comments if you have any thrifty decor ideas for Christmas! I know I know, it is not even Thanksgiving yet but I just can not wait to decorate!!! Christmas is the most festive holiday and this year I wanna go BIG decoration wise. 

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– Kasey Gruenewald