Thrifted Jewelry Favorites 

Kasey Gruenewald 8/9/2017

Hello Babes and Welcome to my Blog!

As I have said before one of my favorite things in the World to do is Thrift and I have come across some really amazing and unique Jewerly at our Local Goodwill! I Love them so much I figured why not share them with you all in hopes that you like them too!

I have purchased these myself and I do not know the brand of any of these necklaces! I wish more than anything I could find the designer and purchase more Jewelry but oh well! As descripted below these necklaces each cost $2.50!! I know guys, that is such a steal!

I took these pictures myself with my Nikon D5200 camera so let me know what you think. I have been enjoying taking these photos and blogging a lot lately! So lets get to the Jewelry!


Product Photography is quickly becoming my favorite hobby. I look forward to purchasing new Jewelry, Clothing, and Beauty products to review and share with you all! I must admit taking the photos the most fun part of blogging for me. 

I have never been a Jewelry kind of girl so when I actually buy some it is because I HAVE to have it. My personal style is very Indie/ Alternative/ Bohemian. I will be sharing more of my favorite clothing pieces because this Girl has SO much clothes! Due to my thrifting addiction my closet is jam packed with a lot of really neat Pieces.

As I post I will be Posting OOTD, all details that I can find will be linked! My closet has so many options and different styles! Typically as a mom I dress very casual or t-shirt and jeans! Playing dress up is so much fun and you never know it could boost my confidence!

Personally I would just like to say Thank You to all of my Followers and you all are so amazing! When I hit 150 followers I will doing a GIVEAWAY so Look forward to that along with my Photography, Life, Fashion and Health posts! I will have a ” Six Months after Diagnosis” post up in a few weeks! Also, September is Interstitial Cystitis Awareness month!

I will be back in a few days with more Photography!! I am lucky enough to have the chance to Photograph a Bridal Shower and Vow Renewal. I can not wait yall!!!!!!!

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Goodnight World.

– Kasey Gruenewald