Versatile Blogger Award! 

Kasey Gruenewald Blog 8/2/2017


Hey guys! I am back for the third time in two days! Yes!!!!! I was so happy and excited when I was reading through blogs trying to keep up with my followers and others that I follow as well and while reading one of my close personal friends post I saw my name! I was like what? I know haha 

So first off I would like thank the beautiful Chelsea Fore (if you do not follow her you should do that like right now) for the nomination in this little Versatile Award nomination! This means so much to me because I haven’t had much traffic on my blog so far so I am super thankful and I hope you all are ready to get to know me by reading 7 facts about me! 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
  2. Nominate and link 10 bloggers for the award and let them know they are nominated! 
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself your follows do not know!  

7 facts about me! 

  1. I am only 4’9 and 90 pounds! 
  2. I eat all the time… like seriously, I am always hungry! 
  3. I have to play music at all times no matter what I am doing. Music helps bring out my creative side. 
  4. I am terrified of getting shots! I panic and almost pass out when I have to have blood drawn and IVs. 
  5. I stay in bed a lot! If I could lay in bed and eat all day I would! 
  6. I wear grey almost every day! 
  7. My name isn’t Kasey it’s actually Kassy (long story). 

I nominate! 

  2. Olita
  3. Julia
  4. Jacob
  5. Brooke
  7. Britta and Carli

 You are not obligated to respond to this as this is just for fun and to help you meet new people and possibly grow your followers! I hope you all have a great evening and good luck! 

See you soon babes 💋 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

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