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Kasey Gruenewald Blog 8/1/2017


I recently started receiving Glamour Magazine monthly subscription (accidental but whatever) you can check out glamour on their website or I will link their social media below!
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I love the edgy side that is coming out in this magazine! Like can we all agree that Cara Delevigne is KILLING it oh my gosh she is such a babe!!!!! Cara is showing beauty in a whole different light and as one of the most influencing Models  right now I am loving how she is proving that you can be yourself and be beautiful. I feel like these days people have their nose in the air when it comes to trying something new so I really hope that everyone young and old is inspired to go for it no matter what it is, haircut, outfit, hair color, makeup what ever it is just do it! Do not be afraid to be yourself and shine your beautiful light!

I have never been much of a magazine kind of gal but now that I have them I just couldn’t wait to read the articles and see what’s new!


“It starts with trusting yourself.” – Cara said when being asked about confidence. I think it is so important to be confident in who you are no matter what society makes you feel. I am just now beginning to find self confidence in myself and I am almost 30 years old! I could kick myself for living probably half of my life being scared of being who I really am.

I have to admit that I am not much of a reader and that is a horrible I know but I am making more of an effort these days to read and write because well knowledge is key right? There are some fun articles to read in this magazine along with a few questionable trends! lol

Platform sneakers are making a come back along with Tiaras and Embroidered Floral Jeans… I remember wearing all of these things in the 90s and I think its kind of crazy that dressing my children “trendy” is possibly identical  to the trends when I was their age but hopefully they wont look as dorky as I did!

Also ahead of the game there are a few Fall eyeshadow Hair and Makeup looks and it looks like color is in! Bold is beauty and every trend these days is shouting BOLD beauty! As for hair slick back, low ponytails, and bushy volume is a must!

On page 99 “Wellbeing” is a very good read as well so be sure and stop by that page if you are having a hard time with your fitness journey! There is also an amazing article on page 117 about surviving life “Before and after ISIS.” There is also articles on adventure ideas, haircuts and well… just being a woman!

Be sure and grab this magazine because after a long day It is so nice to just sit down with a cup of tea (yes I am Texan)  and just have something to read and unwind from the day!


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my ridiculously long blog! I am excited and I have been doing so much brainstorming on new and fun ideas to write about and for Photo session ideas!

Be sure to like and comment to let me know how I did on this post because I really enjoyed it and would love to continue writing similar reviews? If that’s what you call it lol also be sure and hit that follow button and follow me on social media so we can become friends! 

– Kasey Gruenewald 

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