Two Ingredient DIY face mask : Aztec Secret Indian healing clay. 

Good evening everyone, I know I already posted today but I am so excited to post this DIY face mask! 

This morning I was so happy to wake up with NO headache (a whole other story) so I decided to do a facial and hair treatment! 

Now, I ordered my Aztec Healing Clay a few months ago and literally only used it once and forgot about it! I am so happy that I chose today to do a DIY mask because my skin is so soft and feels so clear and hydrated! This mask is a new go to as I could tell a great difference before and after! 

The ingredients I used: 

  • 2 scoops of Aztec Clay
  • 1/2 cup of water 

That’s it! I mixed this together not very well… if someone knows the secret to getting non clumpy consistency please let me know in the comments because mine was so clumpy but it still worked great. 
There was a very interesting heating and cooling feeling while I had this mask on and I thought that was really cool lol I kept this mask on until I literally couldn’t move my face! 

After washing my face like I normally do yes my face was red and ignore my ugly no makeup face but the redness went away within the hour. My skin has been so soft and silky all day even without makeup I still feel like my skin is glowing. Anyways, if you have this Clay I would love to hear about other uses for it! I am now obsessed 🙂 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you to all of my amazing followers and I hope to keep posting on a regular basis. I am working a few new things that could mean BIG thinks for Unlikely Beauty! Fingers crossed!!!!! 

 Kasey Gruenewald 

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