Photography Update

Hello, and welcome to my Blog page! I want to say thank you and welcome to all of my new followers I am SO happy that you like me enough to stick around :). 

I have been so busy with beauty review, setting up my YouTube channel and preparing for my new Photography Business that I haven’t even found the free time to take photos until today! 

I am so pleased with the photos I took today and I just have to say they are so lovely and well… I love them so I hope you do as well.. 

Well let’s just jump into it…. 

You can find my beautiful model on Instagram I will link my page below so you can check her out. She loves to model and support local Photographers and oh my gosh is she SO beautiful!!! 

I am so excited and very impatiently waiting to purchase my camera!!!! Just one more week!!!! My NIKON D5200 is going to be perfect for my business and I can not wait to be doing what I love for a living, I am so blessed and very thankful! 

As always thank you for stopping by and checking out my page, be sure and like and follow to keep up with my adventures in YouTube, Photography and well… life! 

– Kasey Gruenewald