Learning a New Language Online with Mango !

Learning a new Language has been something I have always wanted to try to I am finally going to take the plunge and give it a try! Although I did take Spanish in High School I have to admit that I cheated off of my friend and that is the only reason I passed with a decent grade! lol

Growing up Hispanic I have been around the Spanish language my whole life and I have to say it is a total disadvantage to not be able to speak/understand the language of my own heritage and not being able to understand what my family is saying behind my back because let’s get real y’all are some crap talkers! haha

I have downloaded Mango Language app also  Online and I am so excited to try it out and finally begin my journey in learning new languages. There are 70+ language learning courses and so many languages to choose from. The app is free in the app store for apple and the there are not any in app purchases as to my knowledge!

I will be starting with Spanish, Latin American and there 4 different Units to learn and goodness is this going to take some serious time and studying! I feel like I am going back to school for online classes. lol Wish me luck on my new Journey and I will be updating everyone as I am completing chapters, units and courses!

If you have interest in learning a new language I would highly suggest you download Mango in the app store for apple or Online as they seem like a very awesome way to go!  Also, if you have tried Mango or like a different type of Language Learning Course let me know in the comments! I am open to suggestions of any kind!

By the way my followers have DOUBLED in just 4 days!!!!! I am so thankful and excited to keep blogging and trying new things! Thank you for the ongoing love and support and helping me build the confidence to follow my dreams! I created my YouTube channel today so hopefully soon I will have that up and running so I can start sharing videos as well as Instagram and Blogging! I am also very excited that I will be bringing home my first photography camera in less than two weeks! I can NOT wait to have that baby in my hands and begin learning and trying new things with my NIKON 5200! I also have a wonderful lens that will further my photography capability!

I will begin my first chapter tonight in Spanish!!! Wish me luck that I don’t totally suck! lol

Goodnight WordPress!

– Kasey Gruenewald

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