Top Golf review! 

Yesterday we spent time time away from work/parenting and had a fun weekend with a few friends! My husband decided weeks ago that for his birthday celebration this year (yes he is getting old) lol he wanted to check out Top Golf San Antonio, Tx  and let me just say, we really enjoyed our visit! 

We were greeted by smiling faces and everyone at the front desk was very friendly and helpful through the check in process! There is a bar where you can visit and enjoy drinks/food while waiting for a spot to come open as well as outdoor lounge out front as well. 

We had  previously purchased a VIP pass for to help secure a spot as Top Golf is a first come first serve company, also the VIP pass helped bump us up to the top of the list so our wait was only 15-20 minutes and that was with the whole place being packed!! 

Once we got to our area on the top floor we set up our computer and let the fun begin! The computers were a bit slow and they do not jump to the next person so there was a bit of confusion and mix-ups when it came to who’s turn, what target and what number of ball you are on! In my personal opinion I think that is something that they should work on, but that’s just me!  

The Classic- hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion served with pickle and fries was delicious! 

I was up to try something new and this was the bartenders choice…. i didn’t love it…. and I didn’t hate it! Let’s just say it was a very interesting margarita haha! 
The food we ordered was very great and everything on the menu was reasonably priced! The menu is actually filled with awesome choices of food and drinks as well as a wide variety of alcohol and mixed drinks! 

Overall we had a very great experience playing Top Golf and even though I wasn’t very good ( like always) I had a very fun time! Our server was very friendly as well as the whole staff so that also helped our visit be even more enjoyable. 

I highly recommend this sport to everyone and I hope to make a family trip sometimes very soon as I know my children would have a blast! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have been to Top Golf and tell me about your experience! 

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-Kasey Gruenewald 

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