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I am so excited to see all of the likes and follows from my previous post yesterday and I like to say Hello and thank you for liking and enjoying my page! I am probably one of the most random bloggers on WordPress but oh well!

So a few months ago I had a hair DISASTER due to bleaching over dark boxed hair color and let me just say I regret the whole entire thing! I lost my good hair health and a lot of length! Those of you who really know me personally knows that hair is EVERYTHING to me and that day I lost my confidence in my hair, sadly!

I figured since I had not colored my hair in months that I was in the clear and I did not know that Boxed hair dyes stays in your hair strands until cut off, who knew? I know I didn’t!!

img_0208So hopefully this pictures give you a good idea of how beautiful and healthy my hair was before! Ugh, every time I see this photo I kick myself in the booty for destroying my hair! I had my hair past the middle of my back and it was very spot on to my natural color, Black and so soft and shiny. I had very little to no split ends and no breakage what so ever.


Here is my hair after my fist trip to the salon as you can tell my hair was in pretty bad shape as it was very fried, crispy and damaged to no return!! So after a few weeks and a lot of deep oil and conditioning I decided to go to who I believe is the best hair stylist in town and she took on the mess that was my hair! Probably 6 hours later and lots of laughs she had fixed my hair as best as she could without it falling out. lol IMG_0280Sorry for the messy bathroom photo but I was so pleased with how well my hair had turned out and I could finally be happy with it! Blondes no matter what tone or color is very high maintenance so I knew I needed to find something to help me keep the yellow/ orange out as much as I could! After a lot of researching I decided to order Shimmer lights and let me tell you I am so thankful for it! This shampoo is like $8 American and is AMAZING!!!!!!

After just a few uses of this magical shampoo my ends were so pretty and blonde I just couldn’t believe it!!

IMG_2197This is what my hair looks like now with very little brassy tones! I do not use the shimmer lights shampoo as often as I should but as you can tell it works wonders on keeping blondes bright and beautiful!

I hope you find this post useful or if you have had a similar experience as mine just know there is an alternative solution!!

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Happy Weekend to you all!

– Kasey Gruenewald

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