Newest Photography and new announcement! 

Hello Lovely World, 

I am back and I am so sorry for going MIA lately! I have a few exciting things happening in the very near future and I am SO excited to share the news but first take a glimpse of my newest photos I have taken!! 

Alright so I am happy to announce that I have purchased a laptop and in a few short weeks I’ll have my hands on my new camera and I will be Starting my OWN Photography business!!! I am so excited and I can not thank all of you enough for love and support!! The future is looking very bright for me and my family! I also can not thank my family enough for pitching in and helping me make my dreams come true! 

Honestly, I owe this all to my husband for pushing me to start my blog page because if I had not started my page this would not be happening! I would not be starting a business and I would not have found something I am good at (finally). Lol 

I will be back very soon to also announce something new and a fitness challenge! 

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– Kasey Gruenewald 

Instagram: kasey_blogs