Indie/Grunge style Photos 

I was always a wallflower in school and had a different outlook on “beauty” than others. Today I got to capture these Indie/Grunge style photos of one of my most wonderful friends. 

You have to really have an open mind when it comes to photography, I think. I am not limiting myself to one genre and will keep adding different styles/ types of photos to my collection! 

My stunning model Amanda and I have been friends for years, beginning with MySpace then moved to Facebook until we randomly began to work together at a local grocery store! I have always thought she has a cute style so with time we became close friends. We have the same taste in music, style, and personality so together we make a perfect model- photographer duo! 

I have to look outside of the box due to living in a small town when finding places to take photos. I live in a very simple town with a quiet community so this part can get challenging but I do not stop! “Do it for the photo” is my motto whether it be cactus, weed, bushes, or who the heck knows I push through and get some lovely photos. 

My dream is to someday purchase an amazing camera and travel taking photos and making a good living! A girl can dream right? But in the mean time I will continue taking photos of friends and family and hopefully share my collection with you all. 

I am in no way trying to portray myself as a professional photographer but I do like to think that with the right camera, people and imagination I could make a side business for myself and spend my life doing what I love! 

These photos were taken with my iPhone7 Plus which can be a little limiting but never the less still captures wonderful pictures. 

Model: Amanda 

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– Kasey Gruenewald