Tarteist Pro Palette review

I am no beauty Guru, as I am still learning beauty tips and tricks and yes ladies, the struggle is Real! I have spent so many hours on YouTube watching makeup tutorials and I just couldn’t ever do my eyeshadow correctly! But I have finally found an eyeshadow palette that I can not go a day without is the  Tarteist Pro Palette $55 often found at TarteCosmetics.comSephora, and Ulta!

This palette is so beautifully pigmented, buttery soft and smells SO yummy! This Amazonian Clay palette blends so silky with a flawless finish! This formula takes very little blending skills to make a beautiful eyeshadow look, like seriously!

Check out these colors!!!! This swatch give me life! This one palette  can make so many looks from simple/ natural to dramatic/ night look. Honestly I wish I could be as bold as some of you ladies but I am just not that brave yet! lol

This is my “daily” look and yes I play it safe most of the time but as a mother I typically do not take but 20 minutes a day on my own appearance daily! Lol I love how these colors can give you a natural “glow”. Pair this look with some lashes and look Flawless yet natural!

This eyeshadow look took me maybe 5 minutes, amazingly! I have to say this is one of my favorites when I want a simple yet flawless eyeshadow!

This was my first ever successful Cut Crease and I was overjoyed to create this look because I had been trying for months to get the hang of it but my eyeshadows… let just say it was a big mess!

So I have a new Love  for tarte cosmetics and best of all they are vegan and cruelty free!!! Yes! I can not wait to add to my tarte/ makeup collection and share my experiences with you all.

Please give me some feedback on if you would like more Beauty Blogs in the future!

I am so thrilled to be building my followers and just know that I really enjoy reading and writing blogs so hopefully I can do this long-term!

Have a good night beauties!

– Kasey Gruenewald