Newest Photography 

This weeks yoga challenge is not going so well as I am having the worst Interstitial Cystitis Flare I have had since surgery!!!! I promise I will do a re-do next week!!

But, I do have some new photos to share will you all and I hope you enjoy them!

I captured these photos as a spur of the moment but I love how they came out. Seriously, how precious is my daughter, Kaitley? She loves being mommies little model!

My best friend is just so beautiful! Not only is she adorable but she is the strongest girl I know! I whole heartedly admire her amazing strength! I hope she loves these photos as much as I do!

I enjoy photography more than anything else and I love showing the world the beauty i see through these photos!

Please, stay tuned for more of my photography journey!

Thank you for all of the likes, comments, follows and support! Blogging and photography has quickly become my favorite hobbies 🙂

And again I am sorry for the hold on Week 2: Yoga Challenge, as I am learning how to manage my Interstitial Cystitis.

– Kasey Gruenewald 

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