DIY Makeup brush Cleanser 

I can NOT go a week without washing my makeup brushes due to how dirty they get! I like to try different eyeshadow looks and OMG does that really cake them up! 

It is SO important to wash your brushes because they hold bacteria and cause breakouts! If you are anything like me then you know The Struggle with adult breakouts…. so embarrassing!!

I use a mixture of dawn dish soap, white vinegar and antibacterial hand soaps. This is so simple to use and very affordable and more than likely products you already have in your kitchen! 


1/4c dawn dish soap

1/4c antibacterial hand soap

1/2c white vinegar

Add hot water and let those babies soak for 30 minutes.

Run fingers through brushes and squeeze sponges over and over to help get the stubborn makeup areas!

After your water is nice and dirty drain the water and rinse your brushes/sponges very thoroughly!!

Last, squeeze all of the access water and lay them on a towel by a fan and leave them overnight!

By the time you wake up in the morning your brushes will be nice and dry and you can SLAY like a pro! 

I hope this post is helpful and be sure and let me know if you try this mixture! Thanks for stopping by and as always thank you for all the love and support!

– Kasey Gruenewald