10 week Challenge 

So I will be thinking outside of the box and opening my mind to a 10 week Challenge where I try 1 new thing each week and let you know if I nailed it or failed it!

I will be open to taking suggestions on the next 9 week challenges and I am open to trying…. almost anything so be sure and comment below and well… this could get interesting! Lol

Week 1 I have chose Photography!

Photography is one of my favorite art forms and I love seeing beauty from other people’s eyes! I will be trying anything from “model” type photography to nature! I love anything from glam to grunge/ Indy type photographs. I will do my best to get some good and interesting shots for you all! Keep in mind I will be using my iPhone 7 and several editing apps so NO this will not be professional and I will not portray myself to be.

I will try and post daily and share my thought on what I have attempted and hopefully some photos, if not you will just have to wait and see at the end of each week!

I am super excited because I love trying NEW things! Will I nail it or fail it? Stay tuned!

Be sure and like and follow to keep up with my shinagains! As always, thank you for love and support from all of you!

– Kasey Gruenewald