The Invisible girl. 

He didn’t see her.

It was like he didn’t realize how deeply he fell asleep next to her.

He didn’t see how deeply she looked into his eyes.

Or how he would miss all of her simple but adorable ways.

Or how her hair was always in messy waves but beautiful.

Or the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about things she is passionate about.

He would miss the sound of her contagious laughter.

The thing is, she isn’t the center of attention and she is okay with that.

But all she needed was one person to see who she really is.

Just one person to stick around long enough and turn the pages of her favorite books.

Or to listen to her favorite albums.

She is like a beautiful dandelion just waiting to be picked but he left her in flames… and he left unapologetically.

– Kasey Gruenewald