Thrifty finds. 

I would say I go to our local Goodwill twice a week and find a least 10 items each time I go! I love finding good name brand clothing for $1.00… I mean who doesn’t? I get excited each time I go to see what I’m going to find at little to almost no cost and for a mom on a budget, hell yes! My husband should be thankful he’s got a Thrifty wife like me! Lol

It is an every Sunday trip for me and my children and they LOVE to go and the best part is Sundays all clothing is half off! We find goodies from clothing to household/ decor items but I focus more on clothing… obviously! Lol

Over half of my clothing is second hand and most of my favorite items are thrifts! I have all kinds of outfit options throughout my wardrobe but typically I stick to jeans/ shorts and t-shirts because well… I’m lazy!

This is a small example of my favorite goodwill tops! I get from althletic to casual to dressy in one stop! I literally have a closet packed with clothes I haven’t worn… but someday I will… maybe. Lol I also have tons of clothes shoved in my dressers I forget about! Maybe I have a problem… I am a clothing hoarder… I will never give up any of my clothing unless I know I won’t ever fit into them again… even then it’s so hard to let them go!

 This is some of my goodwill jewelry finds! Now, I am NOT typically girly and I never wear much jewelry other than my wedding ring but every now and then I find some that I can’t pass up! I love unique/home made jewelry! I find myself on Etsy drooling over jewelry!!!

This is a typical go to summer outfit for me. My wonderful BFF snagged me this blink 182 shirt from their concert last year! 🙂 converse are life!! They literally last a lifetime! 

This is a very popular outfit for me because I mean it’s adorable! I love, love, love band t-shirts and these boot are so cute! 

This is more of a Date Night look!!! This romper is to Die for!!!!! The low cut neckline is super sexy yet not over the top!  I keep footwear simple because obviously the focus should be on this amazing romper! And This necklace is my absolute favorite… just ugh I can’t get over it! Lol 
Good lord let’s just adore this outfit for a minute! This romper is so silky and flowy and comfortable I could spend all day in this outfit with no problem! The knit on top and floral choker necklace OMG I’m dying!!!!!

So that is a small look into my closet and favorites! Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do and I always love what I find! Feel free to comment below if you like any of these outfits or share some of your favorites with me!

With that being said I have to get ready to go to goodwill

Happy Sunday!

– Kasey Gruenewald

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