My Interstitial Cystitis Treatment. 

Welcome back to my page! I am overwhelmed with joy from all of the views and positive feedback I have received today. Thank you all so much!!!!

When I first received my diagnosis I was lost, confused, scared and depressed! I didn’t know how to handle having an illness with no cure… like before I didn’t even for one second think this would happen to me! With the love and support from friends and family I have so much strength and a whole new outlook on ” the little things”.

I chose  Bladder Instillations also known as Bladder Cocktails as my Interstitial Cystitis treatment! This is a daily/weekly bladder injection through catheter. It isn’t easy, actually I get so frustrated when doing one because well… it’s hard to see but let me tell you it has worked wonders though! It has helped “heal” and stretch my bladder so I have less frequent urination urges and having less Bladder flare ups!  All of the frustration is definitely worth it in the end! I take a over the counter medicine called Prelief! Oh My Goodness do I LOVE Prelief!!!! All I do is take 2 pills with a full glass of water before I eat/drink something I know will cause a flare ( all of my favorites) and it will absorb up to 90% of the acid! Like magic, and I don’t feel as much of the pain and pressure, if any at all. Best part is this is super affordable! You can find preleaf in most Wallgreens, Supercenters, and Pharmacies. I am hopeful that this post will help someone like me, who likes to try a more natural/ non-addictive alternative to prescription drugs! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about my post or if you found this informative. Oh and dont forget to like!

Thank you so much for stopping by my page!

– Kasey Gruenewald